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An earthy, vibrant green drink called Matcha has become so famous recently. The reasons behind its growing popularity are countless. Matcha has a lot of variations; from matcha tea and matcha latte to matcha smoothies, there is a choice for everyone. Today we are going to dig deeper into matcha lattes. Matcha latte is a healthy drink that can be made in different ways, as shown in the below recipes.

1. Hot Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte


1tsp matcha powder

1/4th cup of hot water

250ml warm milk

Sugar to taste (you can also add any other sweetener).


A mug

Small whisk

A pan


  1. Pour matcha green tea powder and hot water into a mug. Whisk it for 1-2 minutes till it becomes a smooth, dark green paste. You can do it with a spoon if a whisk is not available.
  2. Now, pour the warm milk and sugar into a pan and heat it till you see bubbles on top of it. Keep whisking the milk to make your latte frothier.
  3. Pour the mixture of milk and sugar into your matcha paste and you are done.

Your hot matcha latte is ready. Serve and enjoy it.

2. Iced Matcha Latte


1tsp matcha powder

1/4th cup of warm water

250ml chilled milk


Sugar to taste (you can also add any other sweetener).


A mug

Small whisk


  1. Take your matcha powder into a mug and add a few spoons of hot water to it. Now, you need to whisk it properly to make it lump-free.
  2. Pour the leftover water into the and keep the paste in your fridge. You need to keep it there till it becomes cool.
  3. Next, take a glass and fill it with ice, your choice of milk. If you want to add any sweetener pour that too into the glass.
  4. Lastly, add the mixture of chilled matcha paste and stir it.

Your tasty Iced matcha latte is ready.

3. Vanilla Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte


1tsp matcha powder

1/4th cup hot water

Vanilla extract 

250ml warm milk

Sugar to taste (can also add any other sweetener)


A mug

Small whisk

A pan


  1. Add matcha powder and warm water into a mug and whisk it to make a smooth paste.
  2. Once the paste becomes frothy, stir in the vanilla extract.
  3. Take a pan and add milk. Heat up the milk until it becomes frothy. Keep whisking it along to get the best taste.
  4. Pour this milk into your matcha and vanilla paste.
  5. There you have it. Your delicious vanilla matcha latte is ready to drink.

How To Make Vegan Matcha Latte?

In case you want to enjoy that steaming cup of matcha latte but want to opt for the vegan recipe, Here we have it.

If you are in love with the matcha latte that your favorite coffee shop offers, we have some piece of news for you. That you can easily save a lot of money by simply making your favorite drink at home.

We are going to give you a vegan matcha latte recipe with the minimum ingredients and preparation time. This drink can be made within minutes.

Things you need

1 tsp matcha powder

1 tbsp powdered sugar

2 tbsp Dairy free milk  (coconut, oat, almond, etc. )

  1. First, you need to add the matcha powder, sweetener of your choice, and hot water together. Now, whisk this mixture till all the ingredients dissolve.
  2. Next, heat up your dairy-free milk in a pan to make it frothier. You can also put the milk in a microwave. But keep whisking it to get more froth.
  3. Pour the dairy-free milk into a mug and add the mixture of matcha powder to it.

There you go, you are ready to sip your drink.

What is Matcha Latte?

So, by its name, it is clear that matcha latte is made up of matcha. It consists of matcha powder, milk, and water. It is not your regular latte today. You can go to any coffee shop and easily find matcha latte on the menu. It is because of its taste and flavor that this drink has made people forget the traditional latte they have been drinking for years.

Matcha powder is mostly unsweetened, though some people enjoy it without sugar. Many people add honey or any other sweetener to enhance its taste. Also, the milk used to make a matcha latte can vary from person to person.

There is no boundation of using one kind of milk. One can choose any type of milk according to their taste.

Do you want to enjoy the flavor of matcha latte at home?

If yes, we have got you covered.

Below are the top three famous matcha latte recipes that can easily be made at home.

What Are The Different Types of Matcha?

When you are planning to make matcha at home. The first thing you need is matcha powder. But when you go to buy one. You get confused by seeing different types of matcha powder.

Not to worry, we’ll clear up this confusion.

So, to start off, ceremonial grade matcha and culinarily grade matcha are two grades of matcha.

Ceremonial grade matcha powder: To get a smooth and fine texture, this matcha grade is made from the youngest matcha tea leaves. It is mostly used in tea ceremonies and is only taken with hot water.

It’s naturally sweet, so there’s hardly any need to add any sweetener to it.

Culinary grade matcha powder: It has a slightly different taste than ceremonial grade. It is majorly used in baking, cooking, and making beverages that can be taken every day. You can enjoy anything with this matcha powder, from matcha ice cream to smoothies to cakes.

Which Milk To Use While Making Matcha Latte?

As a variety of milk is available in the market, everyone has their own favorite kind of milk that they prefer.

Plant Based Milk

Although from dairy and nuts to plant-based milk, any kind of milk can be used to make a matcha latte.

  • Almond Milk – If you love traditional milk but can’t have it for any reason, try almond milk. Almond milk can be used as it gives a similar taste with fewer calories. For beginners who are trying matcha for the first time, almond milk will be your best choice.
  • Soya Milk – As it is one of the plainest milk and has no sweetness. You will have to add a sweetener if you are trying a matcha drink with this milk. It is also one of the easily available plant-based milk. So, it is a good option for all the vegans out there.
  • Coconut Milk – The rich and creamy taste of this milk makes it the most demanding milk. It has a thick texture, which goes well with matcha powder.
  • Oat Milk – Easily available at coffee shops, it is a perfect match for a matcha drink. The taste is not too heavy and gives you the perfect froth.

Some More Matcha Latte flavors You  Can Try

Turmeric Matcha Latte – Adding matcha with turmeric makes it a super drink. This perfect combination provides a number of health benefits. From helping us cope with stress and anxiety to providing strength to our organs in the body, It boosts our overall health.

Ginger Matcha Latte – Ginger is a great medicine to treat digestive issues, asthma, or diabetes. When combined with matcha, it helps in regulating body temperature and even reduces heart disease.

Coconut Milk Matcha Latte – The Coconut Milk Matcha Latte is one of the most satisfying drinks. The sweetness and creamy taste of coconut milk goes really well with the slightly bitter matcha powder. It is also a healthy beverage for everyone.

Mint Matcha Latte – Mint gives a fresh and vibrant flavor to matcha  This combination of latte is not only tasty but also provides cooling effects. It is both a healthy and refreshing drink.

Try The Best Matcha From Real Matcha

If you want the real all-natural matcha flavor taste, we suggest you try the matcha from Real Matcha. It is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. Just add one tablespoon of Real Matcha and get a perfect tea or latte. We would suggest you try the real taste of matcha and ditch your regular tea.


So, these are some of the best recipes to make a cup of cafe style matcha latte at home.

Now I’d like to hear from you.

Have you tried any of these matcha latte recipes before?

If so, how was the taste? and which one is your favorite?

Let me know in the comments.

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