Sara Ali Khan Weight Loss Journey From Fat to Fit

Sara Ali Khan has won millions of hearts with her bubbliness and realness. Her positive attitude is something that has attracted many people, and since her first movie, she has been able to be in the news almost constantly.

One of the other reasons for which she was praised was her weight loss journey. Sara’s old videos have always been in the limelight due to her being overweight.

Sara has also said in many interviews that she knows how fat she was before entering Bollywood. Being overweight has also made her suffer from health issues such as PCOS and PCOD.

Before starting her debut film, Sara weighed around 96kgs. But with her dedication and determination, she was able to shed 40 kilos. Losing this much weight is quite hard. All the people who are trying to lose weight can understand how hard-working she is.

Her journey from being fat to fit is inspiring. Many people have taken inspiration from her because if she can do it, then why not you? But not to forget that her rigorous routine is something that has made her hard work fruitful.

If you are interested in knowing about Sara Ali Khan’s weight loss journey, you are in the right place.

To give you some inspiration and the mantra of her weight loss journey, we have combined everything that she made herself look like from a plumpy girl to a diva.

Sara Ali Khan’s Weight Loss Diet and Secrets

First of all, when you weigh approx 96 kg, dieting and exercising are not going to work like magic and make you thin in a few weeks or months. Sara herself has said that it took her around a year and a half to lose weight.

She also says that a disciplined diet and fitness routine are something she swears about and that has helped her in losing weight. She calls her diet a “Sad Diet”. Yes, what she ate to lose weight is not something that many people will love.

One thing that she made sure to have enough of was protein in her diet. So when she began her weight loss journey she was majorly taking proteins from day to night the diet included eggs and chicken in breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She herself has revealed this diet in many interviews.

But once she reached a benchmark when she became fit enough to do heavy workouts, she started consuming other food recipes as well. So, now her diet looks like this :

She starts her day with a glass of warm water.

For her breakfast, she eats egg whites and toast, and other than that she also prefers any south Indian cuisine such as Idli, sambar, or uttapam.

For lunch, she tries to eat a wholesome meal. She always prefers to have home-cooked food as much as possible. She takes chapati, daal, and any seasonal vegetables along with a plate full of salad.

After her lunch, she prefers to have a bowl of seasonal fruits. She loves having fruits and always carries a box of them while traveling.

If by any chance she feels hungry during the evening her go-to snack is upma with lots of vegetables in it.

For dinner, she keeps it light. She takes chapati along with a green vegetable.

Now this was all about her daily diet, but because she always has workout sessions in the morning or evening (depending on her shoot schedule)

Before her workout, she prefers to have a small bowl of muesli with fruits. To avoid boredom, she also takes oats sometimes.

After her workout is done, she never forgets to drink a protein shake along with salads and some tofu.

Although by seeing her slim body, it might look like she doesn’t eat much, that’s not the case. She makes sure to feed her body well to get all the important vitamins and nutrients.

This is her diet according to her body type. You do not need to follow it blindly. Along with following this diet, she has done a couple of other things that we are talking about further.

Sara Ali Khan’s Workout Routine

In many of her interviews, Sara has said that adding workouts to her daily routine was not easy. In the beginning, she thought it was very simple to just go to the gym and do some exercises for weight loss.

But on her first day in the gym, she felt very demotivated because of her heavy body. She couldn’t do many of the exercises and this made her think that workout is not for her.

But with the help of her fitness coach and her determination, she managed to achieve her goal by just going slow and steady.

If you look for Sara Ali Khan on social media, you will notice that she keeps sharing videos and pictures of her workouts. Almost every day she is being papped by media reports while leaving or going to the gym.

We have researched well and made a list of things that she does to stay healthy and fit.

Sara is a part of boot camp training. This training is done to strengthen muscles and build endurance. Boot camp training is a training mix of aerobic exercises and muscle-building exercises.

Sara’s workout is a mix of various exercises. She begins with a cardio activity when she first decided to lose weight in New York she started with Cardio, from cycling, walking, and hitting the treadmill she did everything on alternative days to avoid boredom.

Before going into heavy workouts, it was important for her to lose a bit of weight and build strength, and she did that with the help of cardio.

She also says that once she loses a certain amount of weight, she moves on to pilates. She also says that pilates is her favorite, and doing it makes her happy. She found Pilates helped her build muscle strength and gave her the flexibility she needed.

And there are days when her body does not work according to her. So, she moves to yoga and meditation.

Now, the noticeable thing here is that she does not follow the same workout routine. The thing that keeps her going is variation.

She loves to do yoga and pilates when she is not in the mood for a heavy workout or does not want to hit the gym.

She also does boxing on stressful days when she wants to take out all the frustration.

Additionally, she makes sure to take a day’s break from workouts. It is also important for your body to rest in order to build strength for the coming days.

What Was Sara’s Inspiration?

So this girl, who was studying at a college in Columbia. Suddenly, she comes to Bollywood and grabs the role of the main lead actress in many Bollywood movies.

She got the role because her parents were famous actors in Bollywood.

Isn’t it all you were thinking of?

No, it wasn’t that easy for Sara. Even though her parents were from Bollywood, she didn’t know that she also wants to act and would enter the film industry one day.

It was her second year of college when she started feeling that she was not doing what she wanted. There was a thought in the back of her mind that she weighed 96 kilograms and nobody wants to see an actress who weighs this much.

But during her last year of college, she decides to lose weight. Her motivation was her ambition. She wanted to join Bollywood.

She wanted to look fit like other Bollywood actresses.

Once, when Sara’s mother came to pick her up at the airport, she herself could not recognize her daughter due to her being overweight. This made Sara disappointed.

So, these were some of the incidents that made Sara stronger and she became dedicated to losing weight.

She also learned self-control. It’s not easy to control your diet when you travel a lot and see people eating a variety of delicious foods. But Sara maintained consistency and did not listen to her mind.

She kept herself focused, and that is the reason that in a year and a half she was able to reach the weight she wanted.

Sara’s Struggle with PCOS

Sara appeared on a famous coffee talk show where she mentioned that she suffered from PCOS. Now, All those girls who have PCOS or PCOD know that having a healthy lifestyle is hard to maintain.

The same was the case for Sara. It took her quite a long time to lose those extra pounds. Even with the heavy workout and strict diet routine, she was not able to lose as much as other girls who do not have PCOS.

PCOS often messed up with her hormones and there were times when she felt demotivated. With the work that demands travelling, stress, and long hours shift, It was even hard for her to focus on her lifestyle.

But with her sheer dedication, she did it all. She refused to let PCOS win.

So, if you are one of those who suffer from PCOS and PCOD, Sara is a living example for all those girls.

What is Sara’s Favorite Workout?

We mentioned earlier that Sara does not follow the same workout routine every day. She keeps changing her workout exercises.

But one of her favorite workouts is Pilates. She says that Pilates has proven to be the backbone of her weight loss journey. This workout is something that she enjoys doing.

So, even on the days, she feels low, she goes to the gym to do Pilates. She currently trains under the famous fitness celebrity Namrata Purohit.

Now, this was all about Sara’s journey. From eating Pizza to salad, from treadmill walk to Heavy cardio. She did all that helped her to achieve the desired weight.

We hope that this article brings some inspiration to your life and helps you to keep moving towards your goal. Also, keep in mind that what worked for Sara might not work for you. Everybody is different, hence it has to be treated differently.

Sara never dreamt of being a size zero. She just wanted to be healthy and fit to live a long life, and that’s what it should be.

The ultimate goal for everyone should be to stay healthy and eat healthily.


With all her dedication, It took Sara Ali Khan almost a year and a half to lose weight. She also took this long because she was suffering from PCOS.

Being a Bollywood actress, days are tiring for Sara. But even with her busy schedule, she makes sure to work out for an hour and a half every day.

When Sara started weight training, she was 96kgs, and with her diet and workout, she was able to lose 30kgs.

Sara’s dramatic weight loss many people speculated that she has gone through fat removal surgery. But this news is fake. She worked hard and achieved her fitness goal.

No, Sara does not follow a vegan or vegetarian diet. She is a hard-core non-veg lover. And she kept her diet in such a way that she could eat non-veg and still be fit.

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