Does Matcha Have Caffeine

All caffeine lovers who are constantly worried about their caffeine intake need not worry now. Because Matcha gives you the caffeine that your body needs without any harmful effects. Now no need to keep drinking that cup of coffee to boost your energy.

Matcha green tea made a revolution in caffeinated drinks. From boosting energy and providing your body with antioxidants to improving your body’s metabolism, it gives you all the necessary things.

But if Matcha has caffeine in it, how is it a healthy drink?

This question must be bothering you. So, to clear that keep reading further and you will know by the end of this article why matcha is ruling the beverage industry for centuries.

How Much Caffeine Does Matcha Have?

Matcha is one of the purest forms of green tea. As it provides multiple health benefits, the caffeine content in matcha is higher than in other green teas. It is said by researchers that matcha has 137 times more antioxidants and 10 times more nutritional value than any other regular green tea.

It has been noticed that an 8-ounce cup of matcha has approximately 70 mg of caffeine. Hence, it gives your body more caffeine and keeps you energetic for longer.

Now the next question is, is this amount of caffeine bad for your body?

So, you do not need to worry about it at all. The daily recommended limit of caffeine for a human is said to be 400 mg, which is way higher than the limit that a cup of matcha tea gives you.

Moreover, matcha has a lot of content that provides your body with natural amino acids, which helps in smoothing the effects of caffeine. So, you will not get the jitters that you normally get from a cup of tea or coffee.

Additionally, the beauty of matcha caffeine is that the caffeine is slowly released into your body, not like coffee or other green tea, where caffeine is released at once, leaving your body jittery, and then afterwards, you feel lethargic for a few hours.

Does Matcha Have As Much Caffeine As Coffee?

The rich and bitter taste of matcha is way better than coffee. The refreshing taste of matcha does not come with the same amount of caffeine as coffee.

A regular cup of coffee contains around 100 to 200 mg, and a cup of matcha tea has around 70 mg of caffeine.

Although matcha contains less caffeine, it gives you the same amount of alertness and boost as any other green tea. As we said earlier, the amino acid in matcha keeps your body calm and relaxed.

The caffeine in matcha not only provides you with the perfect amount of energy but also has a lot of health benefits. The calmness matcha drinks provide to a person also helps in controlling anxiety.

We say there is no comparison between matcha and coffee because Matcha is versatile and you do not need to wake up each day with the same drink in the morning. You can easily make smoothies, ice cream, lattes, or pancakes. Take it in any form and it will surely provide you with the same benefits.

So, to have matcha, there is no need to wait for the perfect timing. Anytime is the perfect time to have it.

So, should you swap your favorite cup of coffee for matcha?

Now, the choice is yours, but do not forget that the caffeine in matcha is way more pleasant and has proven to be a nutritious drink that should be added to one’s daily routine.

Reasons to Drink Matcha Instead of Coffee

1. Helps in Calming The Mind And Body

Matcha has caffeine, but it also contains an amino acid called L-theanine. The combination of both allows sustainable and focused energy into your body, which keeps you relaxed and calm.

When talking about other beverages such as green tea and coffee, they provide you instant energy but do not have the after-calming effect that matcha can give you to deal with the day.

Matcha helps you with concentration as well, because when your mind is calm, you can focus more on your work, which in turn makes you more productive and leaves you happy.

2. Better Oral Hygiene

Matcha also has anti-bacterial properties. When you drink it, instead of staining your teeth, it provides vital protection for your mouth.

Unlike coffee, which is not only harmful to your teeth if taken daily but also gives you bad breath. So, while drinking matcha every day, you do not need to worry about your oral hygiene because that is taken care of by matcha.

3. No Nervousness And Jitteriness

Matcha helps in reducing stress as it goes into your body slowly, so instead of giving you a sudden spike, it lets your body absorb it slowly. Whereas coffee gives you an instant high, that suddenness might make you nervous because your body is not able to understand the rapidity that coffee provides.

That is the reason that after a few hours of drinking coffee, you might feel nervous and anxious.

4. Matcha Makes Your Morning Refreshing

Drinking matcha in the morning will be one of the best decisions that you should add to your routine. When you drink matcha in the morning, it will keep you energetic for the whole day.

Coffee caffeine, on the other hand, will stay with you for just a few hours. To get that same energy back, you have to drink another cup of it. Like this, you will keep drinking 7 to 8 cups of coffee a day, which will ultimately take a toll on your health.

Matcha, along with encouraging weight loss, also has cancer-preventing antioxidants.

How Long Does Matcha Caffeine Last?

As we mentioned earlier, the amount of caffeine that matcha has taken more time to enter your body than the caffeine in coffee. The caffeine in matcha takes a few hours to fully enter your body and can last for at least six hours. That is why the sudden crash that you get after drinking coffee is not in matcha.

The alertness and wakefulness in matcha caffeine also provide you with an energizing boost. Do not believe that because matcha contains less caffeine than coffee, it is ineffective.

Matcha will not only wake you up in 30 minutes but will stay with you throughout the day. Those who need long-lasting energy should opt for matcha. Consuming matcha regularly will provide you with great energy levels and health.


Although all the above health benefits can be taken by the magical matcha powder, you also need to make sure that the matcha you have bought is real and has no coloring or preservatives.

Finding a good quality matcha tea is equally important for you if you need all the above benefits. Real Matcha is the brand that adds no sweetener or milk to your matcha powder, and hence the matcha made by them gives all the benefits.

Now, we also hope that your confusion regarding matcha caffeine is all clear. Matcha powder is indeed a magical powder. Seeing the health benefits it provides, matcha can also be called a delicious medicine.


Yes, drinking matcha every day is completely safe. It is one of the best beverages that one can have in the morning. It helps in providing energy that lasts for hours.

Decaf matcha might be available, but drinking it will give you no benefits. As the decaf process removes all the important vitamins and antioxidants.

The caffeine in matcha is way less than a cup of coffee, and matcha caffeine has numerous health benefits. The amino acid in it balances out the caffeine to avoid any jitteriness.

Matcha caffeine is way more beneficial for your stomach than coffee caffeine. Taking a few cups of coffee a day can increase your blood pressure and can also cause headaches. Matcha caffeine, on the other hand, has no side effects.

Studies show that a person can consume 400mg of caffeine in a day. This amount is very high if compared with matcha caffeine. That is why matcha is said to be a healthy drink.

Yes, black coffee has more than twice the amount of caffeine as matcha. On the other hand, matcha has almost three times more antioxidants than coffee.

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