13 Weight Loss Tips that Works

Losing weight is a tougher job than anything else. Losing weight does not only consists of reducing weight but it also refers to burn the extra fats from the body, but there’s no need to worry about it because we are here with 13 easiest steps to reduce weight: –

1.) Reducing the Sugar and Starch

Sugar and Starch are the different forms of glucose and so it has many calories inside it.

Eating too many Calories causes a gain in weight.

A study has confirmed that 100 grams of sugar contain 390 calories and 100 grams of starch contains 200 Calories, which is equivalent to 0.4 Kgs.

So the First step to Reduce or lose weight is to control the use of Sugar and Starch in our daily meals.

2.) Drink Matcha Green Tea 

Many people take Alcohol or other Energy drinks daily. Alcohol is the 2nd most Caloric macronutrient, And Calories from Alcohol are not the same as the calories of food because the human body treats Alcohol as poison which stops the metabolism of other food. In research, it was found that 1 gram of Alcohol contains almost 7 calories whereas 1 gram of protein contains only 4 calories, Whereas Proteins contain some nutrients for our body but alcohol does not.

Calories of Alcohol and beer do not burns up, whereas it is stored in the human body as fat.

So the basic Strategy for Alcohol or other energy drink users will be to stop or control the amount of Alcohol intake by exchanging it shakes or Coffee or tea.

The best solution is to take the help of green tea, you can use green tea like Real Matcha which is the purest green tea which is specially used to reduce weight which we will discuss in further topics.

3.) Add Proteins in the Meal

Proteins play a major role to help you in reducing weight. Increasing the amount of protein in place of fats and sugar helps to reduce the growth of hunger hormones which initiates the growth of satiety hormones.

Satiety hormones are responsible for reducing the appetite and makes you feel that you are not hunger.

In a study, it was confirmed that an increase of protein intake by 15-30 % helps to eat 442 calories less every day which helps to reduce around 5 kg in 12 weeks.

So by Increasing the protein in the meal automatically reduces the calorie intake which is a key role in weight loss.

4.) Vegetables to Include in your Meal

Basis step to reduce weight is to correct what you eat.

To lose weight you should add low carbs vegetables to your meal.

Carbs are carbohydrates that contain sugar, Starch, and fibers. These contain more amount of fats and calories.

Some of the best 15 Low-Carb vegetables are:

1. Bell peppers.

2. Broccoli

3. Asparagus

4. Mushrooms

5. Zucchini

6. Spinach

7. Avocados

8. Cauliflower

9. Green Beans

10. Lettuce

11. Garlic

12. Cucumbers

13. Brussels Sprouts

14. Tomatoes

15. Cabbages

These are the best 15 and there are many more which you can check out on the Internet.

5.) Protein-Rich Breakfast

Eating Breakfast daily helps to maintain a healthy weight, This is also proven in the Research Study in Phillips.

Breakfast is an important morning routine, having a protein-rich breakfast helps you to stay full from your stomach for a long time which reduces overeating and also reduces the calorie intake by 15%.

 As mentioned in add protein to your meal section(protein section P1.2) that protein helps to increase the growth of satiety hormones, hence including proteins in your breakfast would help to lose weight speedily.

Few Protein-Rich Breakfast are:-

1. Scrambled Eggs with veggies.

2. An omelette

3. Yogurt

4. Shakes (fruit shakes Such as banana or apple shake).

6.) Drink Water Before a Meal

Drinking water is a very essential part.

An average human being should drink at least 2.5 litres of water every day.

Water also helps to reduce weight, as water is an appetite suppressant i.e., it stops a person from feeling hungry therefore reducing the amount of food you eat. In research, it was found that drinking water before meals results in a reduction of 75 calories which is around 27,000 calories a year which is around 3.4 kilograms. hence drinking water before you start your meal will at least help you to reduce 3.4-3.5 kg in a year.

7.) Chew your Food Properly

 Chewing food properly makes you eat your food slow which prevents you from overeating.

In a study, it was found that chewing food properly and eating slowly reduces the calorie intake by 10-15%. Chewing your food slowly not only decreases calorie intake but also improves to digest the food.

8.) Diet Plan

A diet plan is a plan or basic structure of what you eat or the total amount of calories intake in a day. Bigger goals should be accomplished by the small modules and a diet plan of every day is one of them.

You should have a diet plan for a day which should be followed at least for 8-10 months, even though you can occasionally take leave during weekends or functions but never forget your goal to lose weight.

A diet plan should carry every meal with a sufficient amount of calories that you have planned.

A diet plan should be proteins rich and have a reduced amount of fats and starch.

9.) Daily Exercise

Even if you make a diet plan with the maximum amount of proteins then also it is nearly impossible to avoid fats in the meal.

So the easiest way to burn the fat is by doing a regular exercise of 10-15 mins. 

Regular exercise also helps you to keep fit to control the fat and calories. 

Many people prefer the GYM as a fast method to lose weight and to acquire a fit body, but it also has harmful few side effects. The best way is to avoid the gym and prefer Yoga.

The few best Yoga positions for weight loss are:

1. Virabhadrasana B

Virabhadrasana B

2. Virabhadrasana C

Virabhadrasana C

3. Trikonasana


4. Adho Mukha Svanasana

Adho Mukha Svanasana

5. Sarvangasana


10.) Group Activity

If you are not strong with your will and not regular with exercise or yoga then the group activity is the best for you. It’s tough for many people to be regular with exercise and yoga but group activity with many people gives a unique strength to burn your calories.

Group activity is those events that you perform with your friends or in a large number of people.

Group activity is the easiest and the most interesting way.

You should plan an activity like Trekking, Campaign, and swimming. 

These activities required high energy which helps to burn fats and calories.

In a study, it was found that a hike of 2 hours in trekking burns around 1000 calories.

You can also join an association like beach cleaning or other social activity which also requires physical activity at least once a month which is good for both nature and your health.

11.) Morning Walk

Another easiest way to lose weight is to plan a daily morning or evening walk.

It is quite difficult for every one spare some time from the busy schedule for gym or exercise, but you can always go for a morning/evening walk which helps to burn the fats and calories. If you walk 30 minutes daily you could easily burn at least 150+ calories a day.

The task of the walk can be easily fulfilled, You don’t need to provide a specific time for it you can perform it in your Daily Schedule.

for example, If you buy daily goods like milk or anything else then avoid the vehicle and get a walk to the store. Choose the longest route so that you make sure that you walk at least for 30 minutes and that’s it you have completed your daily task without making efforts for planning any extra time.

Morning walk does not only helps with weight loss but also keeps you fit. Many Doctors suggest there patients to take a morning walk because the Sunrays in the morning is very beneficial for the human body as it provides Vitamin D.

12.) Junk Food Out of Sight

The more you see high calories food the more you wish to eat them, So the basic way is to keep the junk food out of our sight. 

Fill your fridge with high protein foods, avoid foods that have high fats and starch.

The less you see junk food the more you avoid it.

13.) 80% Rule

80% rule is about focusing on the main diet in 80% and relax about 20%.

You can apply this rule in your diet, For example, you can maintain your regular low calories diet during weekdays and take a break from the diet during the weekends. This is a very efficient method to have success in any field. If you regularly follow your diet then after 2 or 3 weeks you will surely lose your will to complete your diet, So taking a break and getting a fresh start from Monday will give an excellent result in the diet.

80% rule helps you to make your diet successful mentally, which is very important to accomplish any goal.

Facts about weight

The below provided table shows the fit height to weight ratio which is to be followed:-

Weight to be maintained according to age is provided in the table below:-

Weight to be maintained according to age is provided in the table below:-

Image Source: freepik.com


If we follow a healthy diet plan and do a little bit of exercise, running and yoga. Which is enough to maintain the desired body weight.

These are my 13 ways to lose weight. Please let us know what’s your favourite from this list.

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